The secrets of social media’s most successful sharers

People are brilliant and amazing.

I’ll often run across an incredibly cool social media strategy or format or tool or link and think to myself, “Whoa, how’d they do that?”

There are things like shortened custom URLs, evergreen queues, personalized recommendations, and more. And I’m so inspired by the cleverness and resourcefulness—not to mention the great value and utility—of these methods.

by Kevan Lee

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SEO and Brands via Curagami

SEO & Brands
Cart gets in front of horse a lot these strange marketing days. Team+Curagami has clients who know more about #seo  than branding. Cart squarely in front of horse. 

Think about the process. You know how to tell Google’s spiders about your pages better than you know how to tell your customers why your products, services and company are their best bet (i.e. branding). Cart in front of horse. 

Don’t be seduced by the latest shiny object. The core of online success is similar to the core of offline success – create great things that people MUST talk about, tell their friends and marvel at. Average need not apply anymore. as we share in Why The New SEO Looks Like the Old SEO: Brands: http://www.curagami.com/new-old-seo-brands/?v=7516fd43adaa 

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15 Luxury Brands Winning With Content Marketing

Building an effective content marketing strategy for a luxury retail brand is not always easy. While social media encourages accessibility, luxury brands tend to thrive on maintaining a sense of exclusivity; constantly reaffirming their position as an elite, aspirational force to be reckoned with (like how Chanel follows no one on Twitter). However, nothing conjures up a fantasy like quality, immersive content, and the following 15 luxury brands are creating the stuff dreams are made of.

Below you’ll find great content marketing cases studies demonstrating what these luxury brands have done to make content work for them.

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