5 Reasons Why Brands Should Be Using Snapchat via @Ivo_64

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have undoubtedly recently heard of Snapchat, the fastest growing social media app in 2014, securing funding of more than $485m.

It has taken the social media app market by storm, since its launch in 2011, becoming increasingly important for businesses and brands adopting into their marketing strategy.

If you haven’t started already, here are five reasons why brands should be using Snapchat to communicate with their stakeholders.

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Hashtags: How to Use them, and How You Shouldn’t via @Ivo_64

Hashtags are a big part of our interaction on social media every day. However, I doubt most users have actually grasped the concept of hashtags, how to use them and what they actually offer readers in terms of relevance or context. A simple hashtag can go a long way, and make your content travel a long way as well! It’s imperative that we all learn how to use hashtags as well as how NOT to use them. Here we go….

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4 Steps to Manage Your Content Workflow via @MarketingHits

Content marketing and cooking have a lot in common. You’ve got the chef (executive editor) who plans, delegates, edits, and manages the flow of the execution. The sous chef (writer) is right-hand man to the chef, following intricate orders of produce the meal (content). Though your dinner guests (readers) of a feast do not see what goes on behind the scenes, they are the ultimate judge. The end product portrays a clear reflection of what goes on behind the scenes.

Like a meal, coordinating content takes strategy, planning, communication, and access to an arsenal of tools. Missing just one of these steps can result in a poor end product.

Now is the perfect time to set the table for success. Here are four steps to master your content workflow:

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