10 Tools to Hit Your Next Online Meeting Out of the Park

Business is global.

Whatever industry you work in, you’re dealing with people in different time zones, on different schedules and with different priorities.

So if the success of your business is dependant on it; how do you effectively communicate with these people?

Discover 10 online meeting tools to help you align timezones, schedules and priorities in a global business. Read more 

Written by Alesia Hsiao

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Brand Ideals, Jim Stengel, Mark Traphagen, SEO & Startups via @ScentTrail

Brand Ideals
Learning your company’s “brand ideals” may be the most important branding work few startups accomplish. SEO and content take a backseat to widget development for most startups. 

Yet isn’t the most important question WHERE are the points of connection with potential customers and/or investors? The latter, investors, receive plenty of attention when they are easy. Investors want CONSUMERS and lots of ‘em.

So the best way to connect with investors is to connect with consumers and the best way to connect with consumers is to know, articualte and share your “brand ideals”:

 * Eliciting Joy: Activating experiences of happiness, wonder, and limitless possibility.
* Enabling Connection: Enhancing the ability of people to connect with each other and the world in meaningful ways.
* Inspiring Exploration: Helping people explore new horizons and new experiences.
* Evoking Pride: Giving people increased confidence, strength, security, and vitality.
* Impacting Society: Affecting society broadly, including by challenging the status quo and redefining categories.  

Those “brand ideals” come from Grow: How Ideals Power Profits At The World’s Largest Companies by Jim Stengel and is a must read for any startup entrepreneur who wants investors….after they’ve won the hearts and minds of consumers. 

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New Promoted Pin options to help you reach your goals via @Tribe2point0

Imagine this: To unwind at the end of a workday, a Pinner explores their home feed, discovers a camping tent they like and saves it to a board. This inspires them to plan a backpacking trip, using Pinterest to research hiking trails and campsites and figure out exactly where they can buy that tent.  Time and again, our research has revealed that this scenario reflects typical Pinner behavior. People do tons of different things on Pinterest, but most simply, it’s about discovering, saving and planning what to do next.

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8 Basic Rules for Content Marketing – Plus Your Business via @Ivo_64

SEO seems like it’s constantly changing, and that’s because it is.

However, some things have not really changed much at all.

For instance, links remain a significant part of the algorithms for both Google and Bing. Most of the search terms you might want to rank for likely have thousands of, or even more, competitors, and links are a big part of helping the search engines know who to rank first.

You know that you need to get some links, but how do you get started? And how do you do the right things so Google does not penalize you?

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You Finally Achieved Content Virality! Now What? via @Ivo_64

If you’ve ever achieved the holy grail of content marketing success—true virality—you know the rush of endorphins as you watch the share count climb. You’ve smiled the enormous grin when one of your friends shares that piece on Facebook without any idea that you helped create it.

Then you’ve undoubtedly experienced the heart-stopping numbness when the traffic finally stalls. Where did all the people go? Was it real? Can you do it again?

The hardest part about success is replicating it. Learn what to look for when auditing content that’s gone viral so you can earn even more shares next time.

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