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6 Content Marketing Tactics for Ecommerce Merchants

There may be hundreds of tactics that you could consider content marketing. So the six content marketing tactics briefly described here are certainly not an exhaustive list. But this short list does, perhaps, represent some of the best, easiest to understand, and most common content marketing options for small and mid-sized ecommerce businesses.


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Content Marketers Beware – Rise of the Hackers Impacts You Too Now! via @sengineland

Marty Note 
As a content curator and publisher I’ve had content we wrote copied and brazenly stolen. Google’s latest algorithm changes seem to be reducing whole cloth copying, but another and potentially more dangerous dragon is rising – the content hack.

It is possible to do all kinds of bad things to your content as this Search Engine Land post shares. This highly recommended post doesn’t only share scary stories and examples of content hacks. The post also shares a great set of tools to help publishers ward off what may be inevitable – someone hacking their content.  

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The Googleization of the World: SEO, RankBrain, Penguin 4.0 & Time

We Live In Google’s World
If the web is the wild west then Google is the organizing and calming sheriff. There latest moves including slapping artificial intelligence into their algorithm and moving to real-time updates mean  we live in Google’s world perhaps more than ever. 

Google’s ability to balance an ever changing world on the head of a pin can be admired, feared or detested depending on where your website is coming out, on how much traffic your site is losing or gaining based on the latest.

These changes mean a favorite too, the Penguin Tool ( http://barracuda.digital/panguin-tool/) is about to lose it’s relevance. The ability to overlay Google’s moves on your Google Analytics is yet another “not provided” move. Google wants to hold and control their data since control translates into the ability to sell those tools back to us.

As my friend and Google Watcher, Bill Slawski told me he thinks web marketers should be boning up on AI. As we lose our ability to SEE and learn from the web’s data Bill is right. We better know AI or diversify our multichannel marketing FAST. 

We live in Google’s world perhaps now more than ever!



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5 Hacks to Optimize Every Piece of Content for SEO

‘If you want to drive sustainable organic search traffic and increase visibility in search engines here are five ways to optimize your content for SEO.


I encourage you to try them out, experiment with your content where applicable and start ensuring that more people can discover your great content through good optimization’.


Read More: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/5-hacks-optimize-every-piece-content-create-seo/147513/

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