People Marketing: How I Learned To Love People – Curagami via @ScentTrail

People Marketing shares hard won tips, ideas and stories about loving, curating, listening to your people to create winning online marketing.

We included this link in our Startups Revoluiton Scoop.it because startups are so WIDGET focused they forget PEOPLE provide the context and emotional connection needed to SELL. It is understandable that YOU love your widget, but your customers love THEMSELVES much more.

Creating “like me” moments mean your “product” becomes a movement your customers want to join. This journey from YOU and THEM (customers) to WE is the most important journey every website and all marketing is on whether the creators know it or not.  

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Instagram Mobile Ad Revenues to Reach $2.81 Billion Worldwide in 2017 – eMarketer

Instagram mobile ad revenues worldwide will hit $595 million this year, eMarketer estimates, and continue to grow rapidly. By 2017, Instagram’s global mobile ad revenues will reach $2.81 billion, or more than 10% of parent company Facebook’s ad revenues. In the US, Instagram will have higher net mobile display ad revenues than both Google and Twitter by 2017.

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The $250 million YouTuber branding economy

Oliver Luckett is a matchmaker, connecting puts young online stars together with brands.

At a time when video growth is booming online—both YouTube and Facebook say they are pushing out billions of video views daily—it’s a natural that brands like Target, Sony, Nickelodeonand Ford have turned to folks like Luckett to help them reach that elusive young viewer.

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15 Essential Content Creation Apps You Need Right Now

Imagine if you could create content faster? This article presents 15 content creation apps that will make your job (and life) easier.

by Melinda Osteen

Readers are tired of the same old topics and tips. They are always expecting something out of the ordinary, life changing and breath taking. Without these catchy topics, people won’t come back for more.

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