The Top 7 Guides To SEO via @amisant

‘When I got into SEO, I had a difficult time starting. It was not as much as the content, but where to find it and which one is worth reading.


There are bunch of “definitive” “essential” “step-by-step” or “basic” guides to SEO on the internet, and quite honestly not all of them are just as good.


To spare you the trial and error and your time, this here is a list of the best Guides to SEO out there’


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The Ultimate Content Marketing Tools List via @MarketingHits

You have probably heard the saying “it’s all in the tools”, right? This is absolutely the truth in both social media AND content marketing. In fact, using the right tools as part of your content marketing strategy can make all the difference in the world! There are many free and paid tools that can help you find, create and promote your content – and that will not only save you tons of time, but will ultimately mean better, more relevant, and more shareable content.

Following are some of my favorite tools that can help at every stage of the process: from coming up with new blog or social media post ideas, all the way to syndicating and promoting your content. Please let me know YOUR favorite content marketing tools at the end of this post!

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7 Inspiring Lessons from 2014′s Top Content Marketers via @MarketingHits

One of the best ways to learn about the content marketingindustry is to study what others are doing. Over the past three years, it’s been our pleasure to observe the field and, more specifically, identify those who are making us think about successful content marketing in new ways.

Today we are excited to announce the finalists for the Content Marketer of the Year, each having already received the following recognition in their individual categories…

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Sitemaps Best Practices Including Large Web Sites via @MarketingHits

One of the key Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for web sites is to have high quality sitemaps helping search engines to discover and access all relevant content posted on that web site. Sitemaps offer this really simple way for site owners to share information with every search engine about the content they have on their site instead of having to rely solely on crawling algorithms (ie: crawlers, robots) to find it.

The Sitemaps protocol defined at www.sitemaps.org, is a now widely supported. Often web sites and some Content Management Systems (CMSs) offers sitemaps by default or as an option. Bing even offers an open source server-side technology, Bing XML Sitemap Plugin, for websites running on Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows® Server, as well as Apache HTTP Server.

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New Media vs Old Media Billionaires #infographic via @MarketingHits

Mark Zuckerberg versus Rupert Murdoch. How much faster did the new media billionaires make their money?

We know that new media businesses are growing at a much faster pace than their old media counterparts. I thought it would be interesting to see just how this is affecting these wealthy businessmen in the media industry. How much faster did these new media billionaires make their money? 

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Are You Sharing Other People’s Content? Here’s How to Do it Right #contentcuration via @MarketingHits

Let’s face it — continuously coming up with new and fresh content to keep your email readers, followers, and fans engaged isn’t easy.

It may be part of the reason why you skipped sending your latest newsletter, or why you haven’t made the type of commitment to a site like Facebook or Twitter that you’d had hoped to.

But what if there was a way to ease some of your content burden, and still get awesome results?

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