You Only Have 8 Seconds of Attention: How to Connect with Your Audience Lightning Fast via @malekalby

How do you communicate in just 8 second that a viewer should continue to read or watch your content? You need to show that your content is relevant to your viewer and that it has value to them.


Then you need to give them an easy path for further engagement with your content. Sounds like a tall order, I know, but this infographic from SDL breaks down the tasks into manageable sub-categories.

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Content Marketing Basics: Create a repurposing strategy today via @MarketingHits

At this point in your business you probably have a vast collection of content. Take a look at all of the blog posts, downloads, eBooks, reports, social media posts, articles, audio and video content that you’ve created to date. You probably have accumulated enough content to fill a library! You can use this collection of content, and future content, in a more productive manner. This final lesson takes a look at tips and ideas to repurpose and optimize existing content.

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Can An Amazon Store Teach Web Marketing? Yes & Here’s How via @Curagami

How Become A Great Web Marketer?
Every time I suggest this idea to B2B content marketers they roll their eyes and think my suggestion stupid. Everyone can learn new ideas, ideas that inform all digital marketing, from creating an online store.

Each day someone asks how they can learn Internet marketing? Hard to sit in a classroom and learn this stuff. Better to DO IT and no better thing to do than use a tool such as Amazon’s Associates to create an online store.

Think of how much stronger your personal brand would be if a potential hiring manager could see what you are reading, ask you questions about those books and get to know you long before an offer is made.

We live in a DIY time when 60% or more of the decision about YOU and your company’s products, services and brands will be made BEFORE any active engagement (before picking up the phone or asking you to interview).  

Given how much scrutiny your brand is under BEFORE you ever meet a prospect be it for a job or to make a B2B sale wouldn’t it be a good idea to do something simple, engaging and fun to show how much you know about digital marketing. Let’s see say I have two resumes on a pile and qualifications are equal, but one has a link to a blog & a “bookstore”.

Which resume gets more engagement? Let’s say your B2B Software As A Service Company is up for a big project. I go to your site and see the books that made you. I, as the hiring manager, have read several of them. We have a connection now and who am I more likely to hire?

HUGE benefits for half a day’s work and work that teaches you more about how the web really works than every class you are likely to take (unless I’m teaching it of course lol). DO don’t STUDY and you will understand one of the most important concepts about web marketing.  

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