Why social media advertising is important for a web store? via @MarketingHits

The importance of social media for business success is no more a hidden secret. E-commerce stores can especially gain from the social media advertising. Millions of people are available online at any time on social networks and advertising on popular social media websites could prove a profitable idea to draw the traffic and enhance the business prospects. You can use social media as an effective platform to publish your digital content to engage your potential customers

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Content Curation: 9 Things to Keep In Mind via @MarketingHits

Anyone who aims to drive a successful social media marketing effort will need to get comfortable with content curation. Content has become the glue that holds the whole social marketing process together.

It is not enough to write and promote your own content. To establish expertise in your field, you need to read, understand, filter, and share good materials from other smart likeminded people or companies. This is the whole premise behind content curation.

It is easy to get online, set up some social profiles, and start sharing to your heart’s content. But like anything, there’s a right and a wrong way to curate content.

Below are nine tips to keep in mind if you want to succeed at content curation. If you want to build a network of loyal friends and followers, do your best to follow along with all nine of these ideas. Over time, doing it the right way will work if you stick to it.

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How To Format The Perfect Social Media Ads: A 2014 Cheat Sheet (Infographic) via @Zinkapp

The number of social networks that offer advertising grows every day and it can get confusing formatting ads for each specific community. In order to get the best ROI on social media ads, your ads not only need quick, smart copy but they also must have well-formatted images optimized to display on mobile and desktop devices.Take a look at this Social Media Ads Cheat Sheet which features specs for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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Social Media Marketing Good, Bad, Ugly [INFOGRAPHIC] via @ScentTrail

Marty Note
The Bad and Ugly shared convincingly in this infographic speaks more to OUR (i.e. business) continued ignorance that problems inherent in WHAT IS HAPPENING. Business is social, get used to it.

But there’s a problem.

The problem, as is true in any transition time, is the OLD ain’t fully dead yet. At some point, possibly soon, those “social media deniers” in the C suite are going to be dead (one way or the other lol).

Don’t have to look far for convincing evidence. Look around in any public space and you will see people with head down keying the secret social STUFF of our lives. One would think the ubiquity of smart phones would convince the C suite to wake up.

Not so much apparently.

The C Suite isn’t connecting the dots:

Smart Phone = social media. Social Media = traffic. Traffic = Money.

Read Ian McCarthy on why the Selfie Gets Bigger to understand why social media laggards will pay a high price to catch back up:

Meantime enjoy this inforgraphic that says more about US than SMM.

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