About Me

Hi, my name is John van den Brink. I’ve been around for some years on the internet.

In those years I’ve seen a lot of stuff about becoming very wealthy within a very short period of time. Making lots of dollars, euro’s etc and do a little of work or, even better, everything on auto-pilot. Great way of making somebody very rich and you losing some money, sometimes lots of money.

You thought this, with all the information on the internet, doesn’t happen anymore? You’re wrong. Still lots of people are getting scammed everyday. Sometimes the new marketeers are so good, you think “this is the best program”. You sign up and a few weeks later you’ve lost your well earned money and ending up with nothing.

I’ve found, also after a few promissing “great” programs, Wealthy Affiliate. A great (yes, it is) program where you can really learn and discover how to make money in your niche. You will find great training, great support from the owners and the community. And a lot more. Read more on this page about it.

I wish you lots of success online and hope you spend some time on this website with tips and news about Internet Marketing. And when you have news or questions? Please send me an e-mail