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With the decline of interruptive ads and social media on the rise, content marketing has become the priority. We surveyed over 500 marketing creatives to better understand their content creation challenges, priorities, and how their tools are evolving. Most importantly, we wanted to know where they are when it comes to personalizing and linking performance metrics to creative. The Future of Content Report examines: The strategic mistake that’s keeping your content from performing Why the…

"[FREE] The Future of Content Report – Rapt Media"

23 #Tools and Tips for #SocialMedia Marketers 

Do you need to streamline your daily social media tasks? Looking for tools to increase visibility?   The right apps can make a world of difference in the life of a busy social media marketer.   In this article you’ll discover 23 of the top tools and tips shared on the Social Media Marketing podcast. Sourced through from:

"23 #Tools and Tips for #SocialMedia Marketers "

How to Maximize Your Content Exposure on #LinkedIn

Are you taking advantage of all LinkedIn’s content marketing features? Do you know what types of content work best on LinkedIn?With a few tweaks to what you post on LinkedIn, you can build brand awareness, generate leads, and drive more revenue.In this article you’ll discover how to maximize your LinkedIn content exposure. Sourced through from:

"How to Maximize Your Content Exposure on #LinkedIn"